The Rights Of A Passenger In A Car Accident


Most people that are involved in an accident and are passengers in cars commonly know the driver. He may be their friends, family member, or close associates. That is why in some unfortunate cases, they often don’t want to interfere with that relationship by claiming compensation on the recovery of their injuries.

However, the negotiations go on between the insurance company and the legal counsel. The drivers or the owners of the vehicle hardly ever know anything about what is going on with the process. Most of the time the only thing that matters is the result long before the case gets files and long before the trial can occur. So often, there’s a very little interference with that relationship. However, in some unfortunate events, the insurance company doesn’t act, and there’s no proper resolution to the claim. Therefore, a lawsuit needs to get filed. There are situations that even if you are naming your friend as a defendant for the case, the battle is still between the insurance company and you. It’s not between you and the person you know who’s behind the wheel. Most lawyers will look forward to getting compensation strictly to the insurance company only and not into your friend or family member that causes the accident.


The Clarification Of The Claim

Your right as a passenger doesn’t depend on who is at fault. The only difference is who you are making a car accident claim against. If ever an incident that your friend or relative who’s driving the vehicle somehow contributed something in the collision and marked at fault, you still have an option to think about the claim. Instead of you making a claim against the other driver’s car insurance company, you can make a claim against the insurance policy of the car that your friend or family member is driving. You may think that the process causes a conflict of interest, but it’s not. The whole purpose behind having insurance on your car is precisely made for this exact reason. Most people don’t understanding the concept because they don’t want to ruin a relationship just because of an injury recovery claim.

If you happen to be a passenger in a car accident and you want to obtain decent compensation for the injuries, you need to contact an injury lawyer. The one that can help you answer the question that you have about who to make a claim against with, how to proceed in negotiation, etc. The attorney will then work with the insurance company to get you the right compensation. At the same time, the lawyer is also committed to preserving and protecting your relationship with the person behind the wheel.

In some instances, there can be a situation that both drivers become equally at fault for the car crashing incident. In which case, this would need medical records, proof of injuries, and list of bills. It will be submitted to both cars’ insurance companies, and they would pay it 50-50. From there, you can get half of the proceeds from one car insurance company and a half on the other one as well. In that sense, it makes no matter to you because you will still get the complete compensation you need at the end of the process. So as a passenger in an auto accident, you’re going to be protected and compensated.


So if you are in a car wreck and your driver is at fault, you can make a claim against the auto insurance policy of the car company. There is no need to worry about how your friend or relative would feel about such a claim because you’re not after them.