Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents



People are aware that driving requires safety precautions. However, there are still those individuals who thought that they know everything. Sometimes, rules don’t apply to them, so the guidelines pretty much get ignored. Many drivers often see driving as a privilege that allows them to travel and experience convenience. But the truth is, it is a responsibility that they have to take good care. That’s because other people’s lives also depend on their capability to maintain safety regulations.

Over Speeding – Almost 1/3 of the reported cases of road incidents are due to over speeding. It increases the driver’s risk of losing control over the vehicle. It contributes to severe cases of mental and physical injuries too. Overspeeding is extremely dangerous. That’s due to its fatal result caused by the greater force of a collision.


Distractions When Driving – Distractions that cause accidents in driving include eating in the car, having noisy passengers, and using mobile phones. Though the first two things are apparent, texting and driving are the worst. It doesn’t only make the driver becomes reckless but also takes away people’s lives in seconds.

Intoxicated While Driving – It is part of the list because it was never safe in the first place. Drivers commonly experience car accident because they still force themselves to drive even if they are not able to do it. The 10% of most fatal accidents always involve alcohol. In multiple studies, there are more than 11 million drivers who admit experiencing a near-death situation on the road because they were extremely dozed off.

Aggressive Driving – When it comes to the road, aggression or well-known as “road rage” is always a bad thing. It can include tailgating and encourages frequent lane-changing habit. In some unfortunate instances, it promotes disagreements that end in severe physical assaults among other vehicle owners. Aggressive driving escalates road problems quicker compared to other factors that cause car incidents.

Defective Road – Defective road construction is a ‘not-so-typical cause’ of a car crash, but it does create incidents at some point. Sometimes it is not because of the road itself, but the mismarked signs and malfunctioning signals along in its construction. It confuses drivers, so they somehow end up crashing into another car, or bumping into trees and concretes.

Fatigue Or Exhaustion – Not having enough sleep causes exhaustion. So when you know you lack one, avoid driving. Because when the body is restless, and there’s an “insist” on driving, there’s a big possibility that an individual might suffer from physical pain and discomfort. It will hinder a safe maneuver on the vehicle that might result to loss of control.

Defective Care Parts – Defective car parts might be a less important issue to some people, but it adds tons of cases of the car crash on the road. That’s because some people ignore the signs that tell them there’s something wrong in the vehicle. Not checking for possible brake failure, blow out tires, and additional mechanical issues are one way to expect a car accident. Also, the unchecked engine that sounds a bit unusual is never normal.

Poor Weather – Whether conditions add more and more cases of car incidents all over the world. People still disregard it as a source of mishap. Sometimes, because they don’t consider the weather is giving them a hard time driving, they continue on the road without thinking about possible danger.


Safety is everything when it comes to driving. One of the primary responsibilities of a driver is always to check and secure the guidelines of proper driving. The critical parts of your vehicle, the road signs, and adequate attitude in driving add up too. Everything about driving requires full attention, complete awareness and commons sense.

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