Highlighting The Importance Of Road Safety Using The 2016 Las Vegas Road Accident Statistics

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According to the 2016 Las Vegas Road Accident Statistics conducted by the Department of Transportation of Iowa, more than 42 people have died in their local roads and highways. This rate is very alarming because an increase in vehicular accidents means a continuous decrease in driver’s knowledge and practice of the different precautionary measures for road safety. 

Uncovering Road Safety

To put it simply, the scope of road safety includes all possible safety measures to lessen the risks of an individual getting involved in an accident. It involves reducing the threats which may endanger, injure, or cause the loss of life of a person in the road, may it be the driver or the passengers.

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According to the WHO, road safety has been a major public issue because surprisingly, there are higher causes of deaths found on the road than in hospitals. Road safety is always a priority for all countries because some people tend to forget about the basic rules in driving because they are not alert, they are reckless, and sometimes, because they’re in a hurry.

Because of the increasing issues in road safety, different local transportation units including the government all around the world have been stricter in formulating regulations which all drivers and passengers are required to comply with.

Safety Tips

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To practice being responsible drivers, we’ve come up with a few tips you can follow to ensure road safety:

  1. Always check your vehicle for possible threats to danger. You’ll never know if an evil soul planted something risky in your car!
  2. Make sure your seatbelt is always on. This tip can help you avoid neck complications if ever the inevitable happens.
  3. Never drink and drive. If you’re feeling a bit tipsy or dizzy, have someone else drive for you.
  4. Don’t engage in highway drifts. If you’re feeling some road rage because of another irresponsible driver, let it go. Don’t provoke a possible recipe for disaster.
  5. Refrain from distractions while driving. Eyes on the road, not on your screen!
  6. Follow the different stop lights. It exists for a reason.
  7. Prioritize your safety. If you’re speeding to catch an appointment, keep in mind that if you get in an accident, it’ll cause you even more delay.

Remember that road safety can prolong your life. Drive safely!