Road Safety Policies That Every Driver Should Remember


When you tune into the broadcasting channels every day, you will realize that there are always news reports about a family getting involved into a car accident or a driver falling asleep momentarily and colliding with other vehicles around them. The outcome is that many car owners need to go to their respective insurance companies to obtain financial assistance for hospitalization or auto repair. Worse, some even face court cases to pay for their actions, undergo intervention, or have their driving license taken away.

With the intent of lessening accidents, therefore, you should understand the roadside policies that may help avoid collisions and other preventable road issues.


Think Of The Signs And Signals

When you enroll in a driving school, you will be taught about road signs. Most of the cities and even small towns these days are peppered with signages and traffic lights, which aim to give drivers an idea on what type of area they are entering. For instance, there may be a speed limit indicated if you are in the highway, near a pedestrian lane, or when you are in a school zone.

Meanwhile, your driving instructor may teach you the proper hand gestures, which are useful in times of emergency. E.g., the indicator lights breakdown while you are on the road or you realize that one of your tires got punctured. You should remember these signals to ensure your safety as well as the others’.


Be Responsible

A driver who wants to take responsibility for his actions on the road will enter a class concerning ‘defensive driving.’ The term pertains to a course in which your mind gets prepared to handle any vehicular situation that you may become involved with. Cars do not work the same way on various roads, mind you. It’s something to be understood if you wish to drive with zero accidents on your record.

Move To The Side

A lot of misfortunes take place on the speedway because the driver does not immediately push their car to the edge of the lane as soon as it malfunctions. Having no one traveling with you is not a reason not to be able to move your vehicle either, considering a few individuals will readily offer their aid if you ask.


You have to transfer the auto on the safe side since it is dangerous to inspect the engine right where it has stopped. That is especially true if you are on a highway and the speeding motorists have not noticed that there is a person in the middle of the road. Also, even though it may not cause an accident, it can still make the traffic build up behind you and bring distress to other people.

Call For Assistance

Your smartphone needs to have enough battery whenever you leave the house because it is impossible to predict what can happen while driving. Thus, in case you cannot restart the vehicle, you can call a friend or a family member who can pick you up. You may also directly contact a towing agency that has the industrial-grade equipment to get it out of the highway.


What you cannot do, however, is park yourself outside the car as you wait for help. You see, that is almost like inviting accident to occur. If ever the vehicle stops in a foreign place, make sure that you know the local police station’s hotline so that they can come to you. Once again, for your safety, stay inside the auto until they reach your location.

Bring Emergency Tools

Sometimes when the only issue is that the tire got punctured or you have run out of gas, you can resolve it by yourself if your compartment contains all the tools or travel kits needed during such an emergency. Some of the common things you can take include jumper wires, a liter or two of petrol, oil, and spare tires. To further ensure your safety even when you get stranded in the car, feel free to bring a first aid box, thermal blankets, water, and ready-to-eat foods as well.


Learn Basic Car Assessment

Though it is not a requirement when you get a driver’s license, it is an edge to understand how different car parts function and how to fix minor problems. This way, you may not have to call anyone and be able to repair the issue on the roadside in no time.

Final Thoughts

Driving is a full-body experience. Your hands, feet, and mind need to be well-coordinated so that you can do a great job as the person who goes behind the steering wheel. Nevertheless, it is also a privilege that some reckless folks take advantage of and end up hurting themselves and other people. If we are honest, all the road accidents that take place in various parts of the globe can be rooted back to the fact that people forget what they have learned from the driving school as soon as they get a driving license. It is not only the passersby who need to check left and right, as well as stop, look and listen before crossing the streets. The drivers are required to know such stuff to avoid irreversible mishaps, you know.

Remember these things the next time you consider taking the wheels.