Always Drive Safely


Attending the 2019 Road Safety Summit was a huge advantage for me as an aspiring driver. Knowing the ins and outs of road safety is essential. Why is it important? When it concerns your safety as a vehicle driver, it means your life and of course, the peace of mind of your family back home. Driving is a privilege, and staying alive while on the road is a must.

Every driver out there should be educated about safe driving. Of course, knowing how to drive is essential, but being aware of safety on the road is vital for you and for other drivers out there during that time. One should keep in mind that once you go out for a drive, whether for fun, for work, or for running for an urgent matter, you should be aware that you are not alone on the road. You should also be mindful of the other drivers around you. Accidents can happen, but we may lessen it if we just observe careful driving and if we are aware of road regulation and the traffic system of our town or city.


Once and for all, safety driving is not all about you. It is also about the people in your homes waiting for you to arrive whole and safely after going in an errand. Safety driving is thinking of your loved ones and not just yourself only. In some instances, some drivers think that they own the road. This is disturbing for other drivers, commuters and also to passengers of other vehicles. One should always be reminded of the speed limit on the road or place you are driving on, and other traffic rules. Unless it’s an emergency, the normal driving speed limit should always be practiced.

Once you are on the steering wheel, think of your responsibility, not just for yourself but also for the vehicles, drivers, and passengers around you. Safe and responsible driving not just only to avoid road accidents but also to keep you and your family in one piece.

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