Lawyer Loving The Farm Life


The 2019 Eco Conference got me all excited. I participated in the activity because I wanted to learn more about farming. My aunt Lisa, bless her soul, left her ranch to me, and being a lawyer, I do not know anything! But it was a thriving business of hers, and being the new owner, I had to learn everything about it.

I took a leave from work and asked my boss to give me a long time off, more like a sabbatical. My boss is a very nice guy, and he said, “Go ahead. Take as long as you need.” And so I told him I wanted to focus on what was given to me for a year, and just for a few days each month, they would contact me for a consultation. I was the best personal accident attorney in his firm, and so, they needed my expertise. But I had to move on with my life on a different pasture. I just had to do it.


Was it easy? Oh no, it was not! A city girl like me does not know how to wear rubber boots and a plaid blouse. (I’m just kidding!) When I went to the ranch, I met with my aunt’s assistant, Gabriel, and he briefed me on the business. My aunt had 502 acres of everything – rice, maize, wheat, and soybeans. I did not know it was a huge business. Aunt Lisa was very simple and a bit frugal, but yes, she paid for my education, and whenever she needed me, I was there.

Some of our cousins raised their eyebrows when they heard I got everything. The will was foolproof, and it was kept secret from me. Until now, I do not know why Aunt Lisa left me her “life.” I don’t, but I am grateful for her trust in me.

Right now, I am enjoying the farm life. Yes, I miss my lawyering days, but this gave me a view on how simple life can be. When I go out of the cabin, there is food everywhere, as far as the eyes can see. What could be more beautiful than that?

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