Costs & case funding

100% Compensation simply means you get to keep every penny of the compensation awarded to you.*

As experienced personal injury lawyers we assess each case, advise clients if they are entitled to make a claim and then we work hard to get our clients the best possible outcome. We believe you should keep all your compensation not a claims company or greedy lawyer.

One of the most worrying considerations for people thinking about making a personal injury claim is:

What will it cost me?

At our firm if we decide that you have a case that will succeed we will take the case on using before the event legal insurance or using a no win no fee agreement (conditional fee agreement) and unlike many firms when we win you will receive all your damages.

Whatever funding method is used we will not ask you to hand over a cheque or take money off you at the end of the case.

How do we get paid?

We get paid by the insurers that pay you. There is no need for us take extra money from you, this is generally done by firms to cover what they pay a middle man or their own greed.

Remember what you are awarded you keep - all of it.*

* Each accident has to be registered with the Department of Work and Pensions. Certain benefits can be reclaimed by this department. Our firm will assess if these deductions are requested and advise you regarding this aspect of your claim. C&S Solicitors will not deduct and keep any of the monies that you are awarded.