Always Drive Safely


Attending the 2019 Road Safety Summit was a huge advantage for me as an aspiring driver. Knowing the ins and outs of road safety is essential. Why is it important? When it concerns your safety as a vehicle driver, it means your life and of course, the peace of mind of your family back home. Driving is a privilege, and staying alive while on the road is a must.

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Your Guide To Becoming Mentally Sane


With all the problems and issues that you have in your life right now, it becomes quite impossible to become mentally sane. There are many or several challenges that will come your way, which will make it impossible for you to keep stress and anxiety away. The truth is that no matter how hard you make an effort to eliminate problems and issues, there are times when you would fail. During these moments, you have to fight harder so that everything is going to become better in your life.

For today’s article, we are going to provide you with a list of tips that you can follow if you want to stay mentally sane. Here are the tricks to keep in mind:

Exercise Regularly

As much as possible, find time to perform physical activities in the gym or even at home. Make time to exercise because it will not only make you healthy. At the same time, it can also help in preventing you from going through a mental breakdown. According to a recently concluded study, people who exercise constantly are happier compared to those who don’t.

Relax When Necessary

You have to stop adding pressure in your life by trying to follow a hectic schedule all the time. Remind yourself that you must also learn how to take things slow if you want everything to work. Do not think that the secret to success is exhausting yourself to the point that you will no longer sleep for work or business. Take time to chill if it means saving yourself from getting burned out.

Allison Abrams, LCSW-R, wrote, “Underlying mental health conditions are often a contributing factor, but life stresses often also play a role.”


Talk To A Close Friend

When things do not happen the way you want them to be, be sure to find a way to talk to a close friend. Feel free to talk about what is going on in your mind. Let the other individual or person know that you are suffering from pain or hardship. Once you do this, you will start to feel relief in your system. It can be the beginning of having better days.


Eat Right

Another thing that you should never forget is the need to eat right. As much as possible, do everything you can to take good care of your health because it is the secret to a happier you. Watch your food intake so that you will not have a hard time dealing with possible health sickness. Be extra mindful of what you put in your mouth as it can affect your physical and mental health. Harvey Whiteford, Ph.D., wrote, “In the physical health world, you are what you eat. In the mental health world, you are what you think.”

Avoid Stressors

Shawna Freshwater, PhD, wrote, “Anything that causes more emotional and physical stress than the body and mind can handle can lead to a nervous breakdown or trigger an underlying medical condition.”

Learn to identify the stressors in your life. Do not be afraid to name a person or a thing that continuously causes sadness, madness, or loneliness on your part. Once you identify them, be sure to avoid them as soon as possible. Take note that there should be no room for negativity in your life. Once you make this happen, you will be surprised to find out that you are happier. 

What are you waiting for? Follow our tips above!

Divorce And Legal Matters


Getting a divorce is a sad, complicated process because you will not only think about how painful the experience is. At the same time, you also need to ensure that you will find time to take care of the legal matters that comes with it. Whether you like it or not, there are tons of legal consequences once a husband and wife decide to get a divorce.

Because of this, you need to know several things so that you will not be caught off guard. As such, we have decided to write an article that will guide every woman like you to handle the legal matters concerning your divorce with your ex-partner. Here is the list of information that you have to know:

Separation Of Property

Keep in mind that one of the legal effects of divorce is the separation of marital assets. It pertains to all the properties you acquired with your partner during the subsistence of your marriage. Now that it has already ended, you have to accept the fact that everything will be divided equally between the two of you. Do not worry because exclusive properties listed or registered under your name will not be included in the partition.

Child Support

Take note that the relationship ended by divorce is only one between the man and a woman. It does not include children or kids, which is why both parents must continue to exercise parental authority. Fortunately, the court may decide how to award child support, which is why you must not worry about this aspect. If you have an amicable divorce with your partner, you can also choose to enter into a contract for the child support.


Custody Of The Kids

At the same time, you have to also think of the proper custody award concerning your kids. Keep in mind that you can never deprive your ex-husband of seeing your children. Even if you are hurt with what happened, he still has the right to connect with the kids. If you will not consider this arrangement, there is a possibility that you will lose custody entirely.


Divorce Lawyer

If you are afraid of all the legal matters that may be involved in the case, be sure that you will find a way to contact a divorce lawyer. As much as possible, look for a legal professional who can help you make the necessary lawful arrangements before finalizing the divorce. Remember that you have to remain honest and truthful in all your statements with the lawyer. If you fail to do this, there is a high likelihood that you will be placed in a disadvantaged position.


The truth is that there is no fast and easy way to handle divorce. Everything is going to hurt and disturb you in so many ways. However, it does not mean that you can allow it to bring it down. Always be bigger than your fears of becoming alone again and raising your kids without a husband. Make sure to value the legal aspects of every case.

How To Search For A Legal Counsel


Are you aware that the services of a lawyer are highly in demand these days? Many people go to courts every day to litigate their claims against each other. At the same time, some enter into various contracts daily with some legal implications. If you believe that you are going to need a lawyer soon, be sure that you are going to check this article. Our main goal is to provide you with a list of tips on how to start searching for a legal counsel.

Make sure to follow our list below:

Get A Referral

One of the smart things that you can do is to take time to ask around for the best lawyers in the city. As much as possible, look for someone who has a prior professional engagement with a particular attorney. Do not be afraid to ask several questions, as it will guide you in making the right decisions. In so doing, you can already set certain reasonable expectations about his services.


Search The Web

Another vital thing that you can do is to start looking for the perfect lawyer through the use of the Internet. With the recent advancements in the field of technology, it will not come as a surprise that many websites already contain details about the information that you need for the lawyers to contact. Just be careful with what you are going to find online.  

Check The Expertise

Do not be excited right away just because you have already found someone who has a license to practice law. Make sure that you will look for someone who specializes in a particular field. For example, if you are planning to separate from your husband and want to get legal separation or divorce, all you have to do is to find an attorney who has spent several years handling similar cases.


Attend Seminars

If you are looking for a new lawyer who will handle your business-related case, it is also best if you will consider attending seminars. As much as possible, find time to connect with attorneys so that you will not have a hard time making a selection. However, be sure that networking should not be your number one task for that day. Make the speakers happy too, by showing that you are interested in the event.


Looking for a lawyer to handle your case can be challenging in the beginning. There are several factors that you have to consider if you want to win. Because of this, you should take the time to search for the right legal counsel. Do not make rash decisions so that you will not regret it in the future. Once you fail to do this, there is a high likelihood that your legal representation is not going to be good. As such, try to enjoy the process of screening the right lawyer. Take note that you have to be careful with selecting this professional.

Understanding The Legal System


Do you always wonder how the legal system of the country works? Is it your goal to understand the things that people do in the legal department? Are you interested in knowing the tasks that lawyers do when it comes to litigating cases? If you answered to all these, then be sure to read more the rest of the article. For today’s post, we are going to provide you some insights about the legal system so that you will have an idea about it. 

The Need For Lawyers

If you want to file a civil or criminal case against another person, the first step that you have to do is to find the right legal counsel for you. Keep in mind that the services of an attorney are indispensable when it comes to cases. As such, you have no choice but to exert efforts in searching for the ideal lawyer who will handle your case. As much as possible, look for someone that you can trust and has a good reputation in the community.


Payment of Filing Fees

Take note that instituting a case against another party is not free of charge. Aside from the amount of cash that you are going to pay the lawyer, you must also set aside a budget for the filing fees. Take note that the court will require you to pay the docket fees before your case is considered filed. The amount of the said fees depends on the circumstances of each case. 

Right To Appeal

In case you feel that the decision of a court was not impartial or fair, one of the remedies that you have is to file an appeal to a higher court. Take note that our jurisdiction recognizes a party’s statutory right to appeal. However, be sure that you have sufficient ground to file an appeal. Otherwise, the higher court will not entertain your appeal. If this happens, the judgment adverse to your interests will become final. 

Possibility of Compromise 

Another essential thing that you must never forget is the importance of trying to go through an amicable settlement with the other party first before litigating matters in court. As much as possible, try to talk to your opponent to discuss the issues between the two of you. Take note the law favors it when two parties, with conflicting interests, end up entering into a compromise agreement. This process can be completed with or without a lawyer. 


Compliance With Orders

Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, be sure that you will continue to show more efforts in complying with the orders from the judge. Do not take it for granted if you do not want to get into trouble. If you are confused as to what the order means, feel free to get in touch with your chosen lawyer. He can explain the relevant matters of the said order with particularity.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the things we have mentioned above. 

Psychologists Explain The Cause Of Aggressive Driving

It’s a no-brainer that a lot of people, including you, experience an uncomfortable moment when driving. There is the incident of being stuck in heavy traffic, seeing people not using pedestrian lanes and an encounter with jaywalkers.  But the most unfortunate moment is having an issue with those people who feel entitled to do whatever they want on the road. These people are what we call aggressive drivers. We all know that they are way too unpredictable. However, what causes their behavior? Let’s try to understand how psychologists explain the inappropriateness towards these people’s way of driving.


Several definitions can support the meaning of aggressive driving. With that, the specifications may vary from one person’s point of view to the other. However, in general terms, reckless or aggressive driving is a person’s behavior that intends to cause other people harm. These include physical and psychological. The whole idea of the action relates to its intentionality. But it is also necessary to recognize the difference between aggressive driving to “just bad” driving habits. All aggressive driving is considered a bad driving habit. However, not all of those “bad” driving practices relate to reckless driving.

Different Behaviors Of Aggressive Driving

Using The Horn Excessively – You will agree that there are times when you can’t control the situation, so you feel uneasy. You begin to develop stress and anger because you can’t do something about a particular incident on the road. As a result, you become irritable and soon realize that you are using the horn excessively.

Weaving In And Out Of Traffic – It some cases, twisting in and out of traffic is not often an offense. However, cutting off other motorist and swerving between different lanes is dangerous and sometimes unacceptable. That is because there are people who try hard to squeeze their vehicles into tiny gaps.

Tailgating – Once or twice in your life, you already experienced or at least tried to tailgate. Perhaps the reason is to prevent other vehicles from cutting in front of them. As a result, either the driver on the car in front of you won’t slow down and won’t compromise in maintaining a constant speed.


Yelling – There is no secret that you are guilty of this. Well, yelling doesn’t necessarily mean that you are trying to burst out and shout in front of people. There are cases that you are in a gray area where you yell inside the car even if you know there is no other driver that is ever going to hear from you.

Rude Gestures – In stressful situations, particularly on the road, there are times that rude gestures are inevitable. Some of these are raising a middle finger in the air and showing a fist to another vehicle driver. Those are indications that things will not end in a quiet and well-maintained conversation.

Contributor And Reasons For Aggressive Driving

Anonymity – One misconception about becoming an aggressive driver is anonymity. It is where a person believes that he will not get caught because there is too much stuff on the road. There is this idea that there are no consequences of showing aggression. Emil Coccaro, MD, said, “You’re in a car, and it’s kind of a weapon, and you’re in a protected environment, and you think no one’s going to be able to get to you.” The act associates in more risk-taking behavior that often increases the possibility of a rude and unworthy response from one or both persons involved.

Stressors – You already know that driving can be so stressful. That is one of the triggering factors of aggressive driving. Usually, it happens when you experience something at home or at work that keeps on lingering in your head. It is where you can’t seem to focus driving and soon end up irritable. As a result of an imbalance emotional and mental state, you begin to drop your mindfulness. With that, the only thing that will keep you going is your desire to release your feelings and thoughts regardless if it is on a negative approach. Robert Nemerovski, PsyD, wrote, “We are seeking to make the other driver ‘know’ how we feel, to accept what he or she did wrong, and to validate our negative emotional experience.”


RecklessnessReckless driving is somewhat the same as aggressive driving. However, the reckless driving style becomes different because it has no intention of harming others. Usually, it is just a considerable harmful habit that supports high-sensation seeking actions. These include driving fast or taking corners quickly. It is where the drivers use it as a way to experience a sense of excitement.

In all honesty, when it comes to driving, the balance of the mental and emotional aspects is essential. Jerry Deffenbacher, PhD, wrote that “the good news is that we can do something about [road rage].” As a vehicle driver, it is your duty and responsibility to take care of yourself and follow regulations for your safety. Therefore, before you end up becoming an aggressive motorist, make sure you know the ways of properly handling your emotions, gestures, and thoughts.

Why Talking To A Therapist Is Necessary After A Car Accident


A troubling amount of car accidents occur all over the world every day. There are varieties of reactions from different people, but almost all victims of a vehicular crash need a therapist. It is essential to take note, even the accidents with the least physical damage can still leave emotional and mental trauma towards all the people involved.

After an accident, it leaves people in a pool of different emotions such as shock, worry, and fear. ”We have found that PTSD leads to an increased bodily awareness and a fear of movement,” psychologist Tonny Elmose Andersen, PsyD, of the Department of Psychology at the University of Southern Denmark, explains. “This is why PTSD patients tend to feel stronger pain than they otherwise would.”

It is fundamental to focus your concern on the mental effects even after the initial impact has gone. Recovery may seem, but you should remind yourself that everything you are feeling and experiencing is completely normal and that there is a broad spectrum of medical therapy that can guide you through it.

Getting on the right path towards recovery should be your number 1 priority after an accident. Getting professional therapy and help is your best option because the signs and symptoms that you may experience may not be visible to the naked eye. It’s best to seek opinions from health care professionals to be able to diagnose and treat you and other people involved fully.

Emotional Symptoms


  • Shock And Denial

Whether it is immediately or several days after the crash, it is normal for people to be in shock. It usually comes with feeling numb, continually being afraid, and many mood swings. It can occur in anyone involved in the accident physically, not just the driver.

“These kinds of reactions are normal and to be expected in the [short-term] aftermath of whatever has happened. I don’t think people should run to a psychiatrist or psychologist a week or two after. But if they start to become persistent, that’s a sign that they may become [long-term] and can become very debilitating,” Alan Steinberg, PhD, says. Steinberg is the director of research at the UCLA Trauma Psychiatry Program.

  • Anger And Irritability

Most passengers may feel angry with either of the drivers involved in the crash. Resulting in lashing out at the people around you, but there should be a more positive outlet for these strong emotions like breathing exercises to help them relax.

  • Guilt And Self-Blame

It’s common for drivers to feel at fault in the accident, considering the lingering feeling they may have that they could’ve stopped or avoided the whole thing. Anyone involved can feel like it’s their fault. Passengers or witnesses can even blame themselves for not doing anything else to avoid the situation or provide protection.

“Some people engage in more risk-taking behaviors,” relates Robyn Jacobson, PsyD, a director at Rising Ground, a nonprofit human services organization that helps people overcome adversity. “That might seem unusual, especially if you’ve just survived [a situation where your life was in danger], but it’s a normal reaction.”

  • Anxiety And Fear

Anxiety after the accident can overall affect your daily routines and energy. You may find yourself not able to relax and continuously to worry to the point that you are unable to think straight and go about your day. It’s important to give yourself time and make sure you talk about it.

Behavioural/Mental Symptoms

  • Loss of energy
  • Constant worrying
  • Not being able to sleep or rest
  • Unable to socialize properly or speak
  • Keeping yourself preoccupied to avoid thinking
  • Confusion
  • Forgetfulness
  • Constant flashbacks that abruptly interrupt the train of thought

Physical Symptoms

  • Nightmares
  • Racing pulse and dry mouth
  • Muscle tension or pain
  • Constant headaches
  • Stomach pain
  • Crying outbursts
  • Hypervigilance

Getting The Help You Need After The Accident


Here are some of the ways you can cope and power through the accident:

  • Talk to a professional.

Most victims prefer talking to a therapist or doctor to unload their thoughts and emotions without fear or worry completely.

  • Find the right therapy for you.

Seeking medical help doesn’t always have to be just talking to a therapist. There are other ways tailored to the person who has experienced trauma, to cater to the patient’s needs adequately.

  • Take your time.

There is no rush to go back to the way you used to be. Recovery takes time and cares when it comes to emotional and mental trauma. Realize that it’s completely normal to take the time you need to get back to your regular routines.

What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor?

  • Are there medicines that can help me?
  • How long until I get better?
  • What is the best therapy that can help me?
  • What if my symptoms have lasted more than three months?

Many accidents can cause severe trauma, which is why it is essential to look for and receive the professional help you need immediately. It’s important to remind people because in some situations people around you may encourage victims to work it out themselves or repress emotion. It may lead to making the trauma worse and risking the possibility to deepen the distress you feel when reminded of the accident. You should not be embarrassed seeking professional help and advice even years after a traumatic incident. Physical scars may fade, but psychological wounds may stay with you for a long time if not addressed and treated.

Road Safety Policies That Every Driver Should Remember


When you tune into the broadcasting channels every day, you will realize that there are always news reports about a family getting involved into a car accident or a driver falling asleep momentarily and colliding with other vehicles around them. The outcome is that many car owners need to go to their respective insurance companies to obtain financial assistance for hospitalization or auto repair. Worse, some even face court cases to pay for their actions, undergo intervention, or have their driving license taken away.

With the intent of lessening accidents, therefore, you should understand the roadside policies that may help avoid collisions and other preventable road issues.


Think Of The Signs And Signals

When you enroll in a driving school, you will be taught about road signs. Most of the cities and even small towns these days are peppered with signages and traffic lights, which aim to give drivers an idea on what type of area they are entering. For instance, there may be a speed limit indicated if you are in the highway, near a pedestrian lane, or when you are in a school zone.

Meanwhile, your driving instructor may teach you the proper hand gestures, which are useful in times of emergency. E.g., the indicator lights breakdown while you are on the road or you realize that one of your tires got punctured. You should remember these signals to ensure your safety as well as the others’.


Be Responsible

A driver who wants to take responsibility for his actions on the road will enter a class concerning ‘defensive driving.’ The term pertains to a course in which your mind gets prepared to handle any vehicular situation that you may become involved with. Cars do not work the same way on various roads, mind you. It’s something to be understood if you wish to drive with zero accidents on your record.

Move To The Side

A lot of misfortunes take place on the speedway because the driver does not immediately push their car to the edge of the lane as soon as it malfunctions. Having no one traveling with you is not a reason not to be able to move your vehicle either, considering a few individuals will readily offer their aid if you ask.


You have to transfer the auto on the safe side since it is dangerous to inspect the engine right where it has stopped. That is especially true if you are on a highway and the speeding motorists have not noticed that there is a person in the middle of the road. Also, even though it may not cause an accident, it can still make the traffic build up behind you and bring distress to other people.

Call For Assistance

Your smartphone needs to have enough battery whenever you leave the house because it is impossible to predict what can happen while driving. Thus, in case you cannot restart the vehicle, you can call a friend or a family member who can pick you up. You may also directly contact a towing agency that has the industrial-grade equipment to get it out of the highway.


What you cannot do, however, is park yourself outside the car as you wait for help. You see, that is almost like inviting accident to occur. If ever the vehicle stops in a foreign place, make sure that you know the local police station’s hotline so that they can come to you. Once again, for your safety, stay inside the auto until they reach your location.

Bring Emergency Tools

Sometimes when the only issue is that the tire got punctured or you have run out of gas, you can resolve it by yourself if your compartment contains all the tools or travel kits needed during such an emergency. Some of the common things you can take include jumper wires, a liter or two of petrol, oil, and spare tires. To further ensure your safety even when you get stranded in the car, feel free to bring a first aid box, thermal blankets, water, and ready-to-eat foods as well.


Learn Basic Car Assessment

Though it is not a requirement when you get a driver’s license, it is an edge to understand how different car parts function and how to fix minor problems. This way, you may not have to call anyone and be able to repair the issue on the roadside in no time.

Final Thoughts

Driving is a full-body experience. Your hands, feet, and mind need to be well-coordinated so that you can do a great job as the person who goes behind the steering wheel. Nevertheless, it is also a privilege that some reckless folks take advantage of and end up hurting themselves and other people. If we are honest, all the road accidents that take place in various parts of the globe can be rooted back to the fact that people forget what they have learned from the driving school as soon as they get a driving license. It is not only the passersby who need to check left and right, as well as stop, look and listen before crossing the streets. The drivers are required to know such stuff to avoid irreversible mishaps, you know.

Remember these things the next time you consider taking the wheels.

High Paying Personal Injury Settlements

You may be wondering how much your settlement worth is especially when you experience getting injured in an accident. In this article, we will discuss which among the different types of personal injuries receives large accident settlements and what the reasons behind those payments are.

The accident settlement you receive always depends on the severity of your injuries. Meaning, the insurance company examines the damage before you can assess your claim. There are two categories for this matter. There’s the soft injury and hard injury.


Soft Injuries

One is the soft injuries where it injures your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The examples of these soft tissue injuries are sprain ankle, strain neck, or back spasms. This type of injury typically receives a small amount of settlement. That’s because most insurance companies don’t consider these as severe and life-threatening incidence. They categorize it as something temporary where you can still have a chance to get back to your daily life within a few months.

These types of injuries are hard to prove. Some cases are unqualified for medical reports so most of the time it becomes very subjective. It doesn’t mean that victims are not telling the truth about the pain they feel though. It’s just nearly impossible to conclude a medical diagnosis only by word of mouth. Let’s say you suffer from a sudden whiplash in a car accident. There you feel headaches, neck stiffness, dizziness, and fatigue. It’s going to be impossible to prove the symptoms. All insurance companies know this and sometimes use the situation to their advantage.


Hard Injuries

These types of injuries are something that changes a person’s life forever. These are severe cases that cause extreme discomfort and a significant amount of pain, sorrows, and life-long suffering. These injuries receive a large amount of settlement due to its substantial impact on both current and future lifestyle of the victim. Also, these types of hard injuries are easy to document and diagnosed medically, so it gets proven into court. Top examples of hard injuries are head damages. These are long-lasting and sometimes lead to permanent emotional, physical, and mental illness.

The odd thing about head damages though is that it often appears to have less damage at first. Sometimes there are even no traces of cognitive dysfunction at all. However, the sharp and relentless shooting pain starts to appear after a couple of months.  It is where the victims thought that the particular incident didn’t affect them but it did. They believed that it’s only a minor thing, but unfortunately experiences symptoms after it slowly begins and appears to get worse over a while. Insurance companies know that head injuries take a while before it gets worst. Therefore, they know it requires expensive and attentive treatments. The more extended companies wait for the settlement, the higher the risk of significant head damage cases such as severe cerebral diagnoses. Thus, it means a higher cost of an injury settlement.


A personal injury settlement is essential, especially if there’s noticeable damage. So before you ask for compensation, always understand how the different types of accidents can become very significant in a claim.